DIY Physio – A New Sideline

A few months ago, I had a patient travel over 2 hours to see me for some advice after having a total hip replacement. By the time she got to me, she was in a lot of pain simply for having been sitting in the car for so long. I knew there had to be an easier way, and I knew she would not have been the first person to have had to drive miles to seek expert healthcare advice, especially in a nation as big and remote as Australia. I was also fresh from rehabilitating my mother through a traumatic hip replacement which allowed me to experience firsthand, how limited our current care of these patients is. My mum was given the all clear when she was able to walk out of hospital.

No advice to seek further strengthening work, no assessment of her standing balance, or ability to negotiate a bumpy, gravel outdoors path or advice on when she could return to gardening or even how she was going to get on or off the floor.

So I developed an online course for those rehabilitating from Hip Replacement. I am very proud of the course because I have managed to bring together everything I know in one place so that anyone, anywhere in the world can access it. As usual, I hope I have taken a completely holistic approach; mental, physical and spiritual options to explore. Feldenkrais and breathwork get a large mention, as do my recommended nutritional supplements and oils.

For anyone you know about to have a hip replacement or recently have had one, here is the link to a FREE Educational Course they can take. Next up, I might tackle Knee replacements!!!

If you have any ideas about an online DIY Physio course, then I am all ears?